Hats of Meat

(from our friends at hatsofmeat.com)

the pork pie

THE PORKPIE – Modeled after the classic porkpie hat, this sharp number is made of genuine Louisiana pork.

the base bull cap

THE BASE-BULL CAP – This classic is made from the best of the male bovine to bring out the best in the sports fan, male or female. It features a visor of fine flank steak and a helmet of lean, grade-A 100% ground beef. It’s a tailgate party for your head!

the canadian

THE CANADIAN – This cold-weather cap features a helmet of fine Canadian bacon and a chin-strap of sausage links. Just as their dense flesh protects pigs through the harsh Canadian winters, this hat keeps your head warm in the coldest of climates.

THE BRISKET YARMULKE – Made of 100% kosher brisket, this one-size-fits-all “beefy beanie” comes emblazoned with a horseradish Star of David.

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  1. Bacon Strip #

    I recommend the Porkpie – it’s a classic, easy to manage style for a working woman on the go.

  2. 2

    I’d wear the basebull.

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